Video Subliminal

We all understand or should understand that the longer you can engage a website visitor the better chances are that you or one of your sponsors can convert on that viewer interest.

Bounces can happen quickly in fact far too often this is exactly what happens.

So, is there a method of determining levels of interest and the times that viewers can be engaged successfully using video?

The answer is…

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website flipping

Back in the old days you could pick up a website for as little as $50.00 but things have changed, sometimes not for the good.

There are still hundreds of websites out there and it can be difficult to value what your thinking about buying.

The main value of course is the domain name as well as the underlying value of the website design and programming…

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Pie in the SKY…

Used to be years ago on one of the favorite children shows online, they had a few songs about how one cowboy would just about “Die for a piece of your pie”  Ill leave that to your own interpretation.

I had a look at a WSO which makes a lot of interesting promises,
(were going to paraphrase, so as not to break the WF rules,

(Thou Shalt Not, run down they Gurus and Gods)

Is it logical that anyone could promise that every single student after purchasing a service related product, (results oriented) Would be successful?

That depends on your definition of success…

But for the most part…

  Well, NO….

Seriously its not ethical or logical.

Also when you read the sales copy you have one idea of what is being guaranteed, then when you read the copy on the actual guarantee,
(its a sad thing to read)


Well, they make promises in one part of the sales page then later, they say something like IF you do this, and IF you do that for This length of time….

And you get No Sales….

Then well do this…

But wait, is one sale enough?



Actually you can go ahead and insert your favorite explicative.

Were on the equivalent of cable here, not really indexed by google because they have that feature turned off even though you have to pay for it, right.

But thats another story…
Back to the main topic…

Back in the old days of the wild wild Internet, they called this Bait and Switch…

Actually, its been around a lot longer than that.

Still, it stinks to high heaven…

No one can promise that you will be successful IF you do this and That.

Now, certainly you might have a better than average rate of success, so it really all depends on the cost of the product or coaching…

Is it effective and what do you consider success?

Important things to think about.

Making a few sales does not success make…

Almost anyone that is willing to put in at least some effort…

Can make a sale, but what if you were playing a con game?

What then?

Is it logical to sit back and watch people get scammed?

No, so hopefully some are reading this and figuring out that all that glitters is not gold, Now were not totally dissing on this field, (well almost, there may be a few exceptions) but over all most are not successful at all so how can you expect them to help you become successful…  Just saying…


Traffic Backlinks, now mobile only…

Ok so here we go again on the SEO merry go round, everyone is talking about what google is going to do next, will it ruin your business, will it change it all,
will anyone even notice?

You see if you develop good solid content that people want to read, you do not have to worry as much about every little thing that google does or does not do.

Its about being consistent, if you develop good content that people want to read, they will read it and if google wants its advertisers to get to readers, they will include it, If they don’t, people stop buying ads on google.

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No Time to do it all…

I have no time, to get everything done.

Were all busy, most of us that is, the thing is there is not enough time in the day to get everything done.

I have 50 wordpress websites, they need work, I don’t have the time to get it all done.

So, how do you get some help?

For a limited time you can gain access to an amazing project.

I need tasks done? Consider it done.
Imagine what you could do with all the time you could save?

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Web based SEO Software?

The latest trends in SEO Software are all web based but is that really effective?

The truth about Web Based SEO Software is a very selfish one, it has been done to reduce piracy, which is a good thing over all, but sadly it does nothing for SEO value.

Basically speaking the trend to host everything on one server is reducing the overall effective methods which these software products “claim” to help your website gain popularity.

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Buyers List

What is more valuable a list of email addresses, a list of interested people or a list of buyers who are actively looking for something to purchase.

Thats really a rhetorical idea but its obviously the buyers list.

“The money is in the list, right?”

It might be more accurate to say that the money is in the Right kind of buyers list.

If you have a list of buyers who are interested in buying sports cars, but your selling antique golf carts, then its not really all that valuable.

So the right kind of list with the right kind of product can be much more rewarding…


This video is exactly how not to build a buyers list.

I am not sure why but there are a lot of people who do not pay attention, the video above, is one method but its not a good method of finding buyers, local buyers, perhaps, but you want buyers that are interested in what your selling right.

 Check out this…

Traffic Traffic Traffic…

About every other day you see some product being “hawked”
by the “Dream Merchants”

You might be thinking about many different things right now but what if the one thing you should be thinking about is just a dream?

Sure its hard to imagine that right, but ask yourself this one very important question.

Even if you have traffic, if you do not have an exclusive offer what good is traffic?

Yes, it makes a difference.

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off line marketing

If you have ever attempted to market SEO services to off line brick and mortar retail locations, you know how difficult it can be to successfully market to a small business owner.

There are numerous issues that can interfere with selling services to these companies.

The biggest challenge is how most small business owners have lots of information and most of the time it is bad information.

Overhyped, sales men who try to sell the moon but often deliver nothing.

The biggest problem is in developing trust…

Over and over again, they hear big promises, they hear these huge promises about how they can make more money online than in their stores, Really?


The Grid

What is the Grid?

Well its something that could change the way you see Everything…

Find out more here.

Artificial intelligence could finally be introduced to the world and the Grid might just be the place you could discover your future.



There is a limited amount of time to take advantage of this amazing offer and if you have been thinking about creating a website for your self or your business then this is the right time to get started.

Imagine how different it could be if all you had to do was to develop content instead of spending hours trying to get a webpage to look good.

What if this changes everything about how you view the internet.